IT Solutions

We develop, refine, and execute activities that only drive world-class results.

Through our comprehensive portfolio of IT services, we design, build, optimise, manage and procure the technology you need to run your business better.

Whatever your technology challenge or objective, we can help with our range of IT solutions and services tailored to your business. Solutions designed to maximise the productivity of your employees, partners and suppliers and will change the way you work, collaborate and innovate.

Selecting a service for your organisation is not necessarily overly complicated or expensive. Whilst a one size fits all approach rarely work in IT Managed Services. We help organisations select the services that meets their business needs. See  some of the things we provide.

Solutions designed and aligned to your business

IT Outsourcing

Talk to one of our Industry Experts, We'll introduce you to the right talent for your project to evaluate after which you can take the decision to hire the right Talent.

Physical Infrastructure

We liaise with the professional teams to put in place a standards-based cabling solution that meets our client's requirements and integrates with the overall programme to avoid delays. With expertise in converged IT infrastructure and an understanding of building operations having grown from the construction industry, we design innovative, complex cabling and network solutions to provide a robust platform on which to build a resilient IT infrastructure.

IT Security

Our team of experts specialize in:
- Network anomalies via firewall, Proxy, DNS logs and PCAP.
- ISO27001 Audit, PCIDSS, SWIFT CSP Audit.
- SIEM and SOC management.
- Threat Modeling and vulnerability management.
- Experience in RSA SA, IDPS, FireEye, MacFee ePO Application and Network Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing.

Smart Building

Consulting on Smart Building projects for our clients brings together all of our core skills and understanding of how a building can respond and service the needs of the people who work within it. Our experience in understanding complex business challenges and delivering simple to use solutions, allows us to develop and evolve how the relationship between the building and the people within it can be optimised, providing a better daily working experience and tangible benefits to the business. Our guiding principle is that the working environment is an ecosystem and our consulting process allows us to work with our clients to understand the structure and component parts of their ecosystems, as each one is unique, once we understand the complexity of this ecosystem we can then translate this into a simple and easy user experience.