Candid Cooper  is a Creative Tech Studio specializing in brand development and promotion, naming, web production and online marketing.

We confidently straddle a design studio, an online marketing agency, and a website building studio. There is no precise definition of the type of our business. We are a team engaged in consulting businesses in the world of design, advertising, and web production. Our company is a tool for improving your business performance.

We are tooled for creating brands and developing them to win leading market positions. Your appearance in the web space must become a special occasion, not a regular start. We create brands which people are talking about, which have become household names, which earn money, and determine the situation on the market.

At the heart of everything we do is this idea of making business better.

We are a small team able to provide the greatest results. We strongly believe that ideas rule the world, ideas make money. Candid Cooper Solutions is a creative laboratory focused on development of such ideas.

For us, each project is a new challenge that awakens an insistent desire to make the best product in its niche, the most interesting and long-term one. We have everything to do this – a professional team, every member of which is a real guru in his field, who knows how to make a high-quality product. We constantly evolve, and carefully select our staff: there are no students or people on training in our team. We have a multitude of creative ideas and we are eager to work. We have to do something together, don’t you think so?

We create award—winning Products, memorable Campaigns & remarkable Brands.

We know that our clients need effective solutions, not rewards. But when they not only earn money but also receive rewards – it’s worth much. These trophies show us that we are headed in the right direction.

Together we can create a unique product, not a pattern, to sidestep rivals with a crafty and challenging solution. Any web studio will offer to you a solution typical for the market, but we suggest you to make a revolution in your industry.