UI/UX design

The user interface of your website should be not only beautiful: its content should be logically connected, information for visitors is presented in a correct way, and brings them to doing desired actions which are beneficial to you.

UI and UX:

what is the difference

User Interface is what you see, the look of your website, its attractiveness and physical characteristics. The UI designer works on the color of the pages, the size of the buttons, the layout and readability of the text, and so on. This specialist develops the style of the project, ensures the correspondence between the visual design and the logical structure of the website.

User Experience — emotions, feelings and experience of the user, his/her impressions, and perception of your site. High-quality UX design makes a website as convenient and intuitive as possible, and also allows the main thing — that visitors could easily and conveniently meet all their goals on your website (you need to bring each visitor to some logical point in the interface so that he/she could get useful and enjoyable experience of being on your site). The website’s structure acquires logic and clarity, easily passing the whole content of its pages to the visitors.



UI and UX are different things. Their tasks —as well as the ways to fulfill them — are very different. However, they must work in tandem to ensure achievement of the ultimate goal: to convey important information to your target audience in a beautiful, convenient, and clear way. Using the best world experience and our own skills, we create iconic web projects which can attract and grab the attention of a wide audience for a long time.

what all we offer


Analysis and definition of tasks to determine the best possible website format, design strategy, and its key tasks.

Market research

We closely scrutinise the specificity of your business, market and the opportunities/threats coming in future.

Structure Design

This "skeleton" is designed in such a way that allows managing the users’ actions and attention in future.

Wire framing

After defining the structure we first make wireframes , It helps a lot if you want to parallel develop backend.


Many brands need a dedicated team for UML creation for the backend development and testing assistance, we create UML on specific requests.

UX Design

UX is what you bear in memory. It is the most important part of your website which is directly related to sales conversion and traffic.

UI Design

We design the space of website’s pages in order to create the most attractive, convenient and effective information for your audience.

Web Prototype

We create fully interactive prototypes that look and work exactly like your final product would. No coding required.

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